Thomas loves Hope unconditionally, even when Hope insists to him that she just sees him as a bedroom partner.

That’s because of the loyalty that he has for Hope, but spoilers say that Thomas will slowly discover something between Hope and Finn.

As we know, Hope is growing feelings for Finn, she believes that Finn is a good man and is jealous of Steffy for having a husband like him.

Spoilers say that Hope and Finn will continue to bond over Deacon and Sheila’s drama, especially when Steffy is still living in Europe.

They shared a hug recently, and looks like they are about to cross the line soon when Hope is leaning on Finn for comfort.

As for Finn, he loves Steffy so much and he doesn’t want to betray her, but Hope is a master at manipulation, and she will seduce him in bed.

Spoilers say that Thomas will sense something unusual between Hope and Finn because he always cares about Hope so much.

And looks like he is about to discover a shocking secret between Hope and Finn, this secret could change everything on this show.

This is a shocking discovery between Finn and Hope making love, and of course, Thomas will tell his sister Steffy everything.

This time, Steffy will return to LA in shock, and we believe that her marriage with Finn is coming to an end.

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