General Hospital teasers for the upcoming episode suggest a focus on decisions and revelations of previously unknown information. Laura and Maxi will spend time together, and Maxi is expected to confide in Laura, potentially revealing new details about her unborn child. Meanwhile, Anna and Valentin embark on a mission to locate Louise, unaware that Peter is dead, and Louise is with Valentin, posing as Bailey. Their search leads them into the woods, where they encounter Austin, who shares information with them.

Sasha becomes anxious about breaking the news of her pregnancy to Nina, and Brando offers her encouragement, pointing out that Nina will now have her own grandchild. However, Nina faces confusion and worry about her future, contemplating whether to return to Port Charles or restart her life in Nixon Falls. Ava and Nina spend time together, and Nina confides in Ava, expressing her belief that it’s no longer appropriate for her to reside in Port Charles.

In the Corinthos organization, hostile actors pose a threat, prompting Jason and Carly to discuss a plan of action. An explosion near the docks raises the stakes, and with time running out, Brick warns them of the urgency. Teasers hint at Jason and Carly taking a risky action, possibly related to their marriage.

General Hospital spoilers for the two-week episode suggest that Finn contemplates confessing about his role in Peter’s demise, leading to tension with Liz. Jason and Carly devise a plan, Valentin and Anna grow closer, and Mike considers moving to Port Charles. The week unfolds with Finn’s decision to confess, Liz’s concerns, and Jason and Carly reaching a pivotal conclusion.

As the storyline progresses, Finn’s realization about Chase’s well-being prompts him to consider confessing, while Liz tries to persuade him to move on. Carly and Jason decide on a plan, driven by the urgency communicated by Brick. Rumors suggest they may opt to get married, presenting a united front to their adversaries. The week concludes with Ava encountering Austin, adding to the suspense.

As General Hospital continues, viewers can anticipate further developments, including Anna’s realization, Maxi’s revelations, and the ongoing search for Louise. The narrative promises twists and turns, keeping fans engaged in the unfolding drama.

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