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There wasn’t any love lost between The Young and the Restless characters Victor Newman and Brad Carlton. In fact, until Billy Abbott came along, Brad was the biggest thorn in Victor’s side, next to Jack, of course, but that goes without saying.

Portrayers Eric Braeden and Don Diamont, however, got along like a house on fire. So much so that the former dropped by The Bold and the Beautiful on December 7 to say hi to his former castmate, who is now playing Dollar Bill Spencer on Young and Restless’ sister soap.

“Look who came to visit me on the set yesterday, the one and only Eric Braeden,” cheered Diamont as he Instagrammed a photo of their reunion. “Couldn’t ask for a better surprise.” Onscreen, the actors’ Genoa City counterparts were forever shocking one another, and not in a nice way either.

Brad even proved Victor right that he was all wrong for daughter Victoria by cheating on her with, wait for it, Victor’s former daughter-in-law and future wife Sharon. When Young and Restless let go of Diamont in 2009, Braeden was as upset as viewers.

“I was very sad about that, to be quite frank with you,” he told TV Fanatic. “He did some of his best work in the last months where he played the shifty guy and the bad guy, and you don’t know quite what he is up to. I always think that’s a mistake to let people go.

They’ve been part of the fabric as long as he has been. Furthermore, he was related to people on the show, and personally, I think those things are a mistake. If you want to save money, then cut down on hiring new actors.”

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