RTV soap news and spoilers today delves into the intriguing possibilities that might unfold when EJ DiMera discovers the truth about Nicole’s baby not being his own.

As the revelation emerges that the child is, in fact, Eric and Nicole’s, it raises questions about the future of EJ’s marriage to Nicole. Speculation arises that EJ might find himself single again, opening the door for the return of Sammy.

Sammy, who holds a significant place in EJ’s heart, could potentially reenter Salem’s storyline. Sammy and EJ’s love story has been a focal point over the years, starting when EJ approached Sammy with a specific goal but eventually falling in love with her.

Their relationship has weathered various challenges, including their son’s cancer diagnosis, EJ’s affair with Abigail Deveraux, and EJ’s temporary death. Despite their enduring connection, Sammy and EJ faced turmoil, leading to their divorce, especially after Sammy discovered EJ in bed with Belle.

With EJ’s marriage to Nicole seemingly nearing its end, fans speculate whether Sammy’s return is imminent. The question remains whether Sammy will reconnect with EJ in the near future.

While their love story has had its share of complications, viewers are eager to see if Sammy will make a comeback, especially with the potential shift in EJ’s marital status.

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