General Hospital viewers are abuzz with speculation surrounding the potential return of the iconic character Luke Spencer, and recent spoilers have only fueled the excitement.

Eagle-eyed fans have pointed to a poignant moment involving Tracy and a photo of Luke on her phone as a potential hint at Luke’s comeback. Tracy’s emotional outpouring and intense words suggest that there may be a shocking revelation on the horizon – that Luke Spencer is alive.

Although Luke was reported to have died in a train accident, some viewers remain skeptical, noting that his body was never shown on screen. The anticipation of Luke’s potential return has captivated many fans, leading to theories of a surprise appearance in Port Charles, possibly tying into a memorial storyline for his sister Bobby Spencer.

As the show addresses Bobby’s passing, Tracy’s return to Port Charles and the shocking news she receives are expected to set in motion a storyline that will tug at the heartstrings of viewers.

While actor Anthony Geary has clarified that he currently has no plans to reprise his role as Luke, discussions about the possibility of a remote filming arrangement leave room for speculation, hinting that Luke’s comeback might not be entirely out of the question.

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