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According to previews for The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge Forester, played by Corey N. Kaai, will eventually consent to the life-saving procedure for Eric Forester, played by John McCook, in the upcoming weeks’ episodes.

However, Ridge’s actions and procrastination in deciding on the treatment have angered many relatives, and Forrester Creations is taking notice. Rumors suggest that Ridge might be accused of trying to harm Eric to protect his own ownership position in the business.

Whether Eric lives or dies, Ridge’s handling of the situation appears to have repercussions. There are speculations that Eric might be furious and could potentially fire Ridge from the family business.

On another note, Windsor Harmon has made a comeback as Thorn Forester, and fans are curious about the duration of his return. Thorn’s reappearance may have an impact on the family dynamics, especially Ridge’s decisions. Rumors suggest that Thorn’s return could affect Ridge’s authoritarian approach in making decisions for the family and Forrester Creations.

Additionally, there have been developments around Taylor Hayes, played by Christa Allen. Spoilers indicate that she hasn’t appeared on the show since November 8th, 2023, and there is uncertainty about her character’s departure.

Fans are eager to know if Taylor’s exit will be revealed through another character or if it will be addressed in the storyline. Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming spoilers on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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