The Young and the Restless revealed that Victor Newman intends to hold a family meeting to discuss important matters, possibly related to Claire and their shared experiences.

Victor proactively contacts Devon, despite their history of not getting along, to discuss the decision of sending Nate back to Chancellor Winters.

While Devon considers it a private matter, Victor insists on expressing his concerns about Nate’s unstable nature, emphasizing the potential danger he poses, as Nate is willing to betray for personal gain.

Victor, drawing on his experience in recognizing individuals, urges Devon to protect the company and cautions against Nate’s potential threat.

Fans have varied opinions on Nate’s transformation, with some attributing it to his inability to continue as a doctor and questioning Victoria’s unwavering support.

The discussion also touches on Audrey’s plans and the need to return Nate to a rightful place.

Meanwhile, Claire’s potential release with Michael’s help sparks anticipation about her future actions and whether she can regain trust and love from the Newman family.

Jordan is still on the run, prompting speculation about her next moves and a potential encounter with Claire. As the drama unfolds, fans are eager to see how the story will develop, wondering if Claire and Jordan will seek revenge on the Newman family and what twists lie ahead in this intriguing narrative.

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