Next week on Y&R, Kyle Abbott receives a surprise. His dad, Jack Abbott, wants him to work at Jabot Cosmetics, their family business. Kyle recently lost his job at Newman Enterprises because of Audra Charles.

While Jack chose Summer over Kyle before, Kyle might consider returning. It’s not just about the job. Audra pointed out Kyle’s lingering feelings for Summer, which hit a nerve. Despite his anger, Kyle likely still cares for her.

If he goes back to Jabot, he’ll be working closely with Summer, who now has an interest in Chance Chancellor. This might complicate things if Kyle decides he wants her back.

Meanwhile, Kyle’s mom, Diane Jenkins, makes a big decision and prepares for her wedding reception with Jack. Lauren Fenmore warns her friend Phyllis. Sally Spectra catches her ex, Adam, in a lie. Her boyfriend Nick confesses his deepening feelings for her.

Though Sally loves Nick, she struggles to express it due to fear. When guilt overwhelms her, she admits Adam kissed her. Nick, understanding but hurt, seeks advice from his ex-wife, Sharon.

Nikki Newman interviews Claire Grace for a position at Newman Enterprises and is impressed, hiring her. This new employee is likely to bring some changes for the Newman family.

Later, Victoria Newman and her father, Victor Newman, find some common ground, but it doesn’t end the conflict. Vikki also connects with Nate Hastings. Jill Abbott returns to Genoa City demanding answers.

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