The Young and the Restless revealed that Nikki always tried to quit drinking and even found a support person to help her; however, Seth seemed to disappoint her when he realized he’d been drinking. Surprisingly, he didn’t deny it, so she might fire him and find herself another supporter.

Seth wouldn’t expect Nikki to make such a big decision because after all, a lot’s gone through between them, so he will try every way to keep his job. But what decision will she make on this matter? What’s the purpose of Seth approaching Nikki? Did he really love her and was hurt in the past? He may even cause misunderstandings with Victor that will affect the relationship between the two of them. Victor still doesn’t know the problem that Nikki is facing. Will he find out everything here?

He’ll definitely want Nikki to explain everything as clearly as possible. We believe that the upcoming plot will not disappoint you. Vicki will convince Victor that everything will settle down soon and hopes that he can understand for himself. She still affirms that she can do every job well at the company, but does Victor believe in this? Victor would also feel dissatisfied if Nikki and Seth were too close, even though both of them were assisting at work. After all, Nikki’s never been like this before. Will Victor discover many other secrets through this time? Currently, no information has been revealed about Seth’s identity, but we believe he went to Genoa City before.

Surely Victor would soon find some information regarding this man’s problem, so Victor needs to be more careful before Nikki or his own family gets into trouble because of a man like Seth. Is he really the person Jordan sent? Seth will try to prove himself once again, but will it be as he expected? Because you can see the panic he’s facing. Perhaps that’s approach Nikki just wanting to express his feelings and be with the girl he loves. He loves her and wants to take the opportunity to do what he missed.

Nikki may not know about this matter; she doesn’t even want to cause any misunderstandings to steal the secret of a happy married life with Victor. Is Nikki really afraid that Seth will reveal and make everything she’s worked hard for all this time disappear? Nikki seems to still want to be by Best side as he always knows how to support her, but maybe this just got her into trouble and it would end quickly. Could Seth be angry at being treated like that by Nikki?

Because there’s a possibility that out of love, he will make it look like a threat to her. Is Nikki feeling pressured and likely to make an extreme decision? Did the two of them really have a close relationship, or did something go wrong that made Nikki panic like that?

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