Hello, everyone! Welcome to my channel. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Before starting the video, please go ahead and hit the Subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up. Since “The Young and the Restless,” Cole Howard has been missing in action from Genoa City for more than 20 years.

No one could blame you if you were a little confused about who he is, especially when he recently reappeared as part of Claire and her great aunt Jordan’s bonkers family reunion. For quite a while, he was front and center, and here’s why, along with everything you need to know.

Back when Victor was married to his second wife, Julia, he had an affair with his secretary, Eve Howard, leading to the birth of their son, Cole. Victor believed in supporting his offspring, but the tycoon soon discovered Eve’s psychotic nature.

Years later, Cole returned to Genoa City, working at the ranch as a hand. Victoria, newly divorced from her first husband, Ryan McNeil, developed feelings for Cole, who reciprocated. However, a twist emerged when Cole confessed his love to his mother, Eve, before revealing his heart belonged to Victor’s daughter.

Victoria, determined to marry Cole, was shocked when Eve suffered a massive stroke and fell into a coma before disclosing vital information. After Victoria and Cole eloped, they learned they should never have wed due to the possibility of being half-siblings.

Eventually, it was revealed that Cole was not Victor’s son. After their annulment, Cole became entangled with Ashley, Victoria’s former stepmother. Despite marrying Ashley, their relationship didn’t last, and Cole accepted a teaching position in England.

The most crucial aspect of Cole’s storyline is the birth of his daughter, Eve, named after his mother. Sadly, the baby died days after birth, or so they thought. Jordan, the great aunt, swiped the child and raised her as a weapon against the Newmans, a weapon now known as Claire Grace. Stay tuned for more revelations in this captivating saga.

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