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Obviously, The Young and the Restless brought J Eddie Peck back as Cole to tell the twisted tale of his and Victoria’s late daughter, Eve, or will we keep calling her Claire, regardless? Now that the actor is in Genoa City again, there are endless possibilities to keep him in Geno City.

For starters, Nate’s scheming makes Victoria realize that a guy who cheated on Elena with her isn’t a guy she should have ever trusted in the first place. The exec might be in just the right frame of mind to reconsider her former husband.

Perfect he wasn’t, but he didn’t get his rep as a standup fella for being lowdown. Cole could also be just the cure for what ails former Mrs. Ashley after conniving Tucker. Her previous spouse would be a breath of fresh air, a legitimately better half.

Maybe he could even help her get Tucker out of her system once and for all. And those are just the two most obvious options. Phyllis hasn’t had a love interest since she went way too far with her vendetta against Diane and lost Jack.

Phyllis and Cole would make a very attractive couple, and it would be fun to watch her try to curb her more chaotic tendencies so as not to steer off the down-to-earth rider. Then there’s Elena, who’s been flying so low since Victoria stole her man out from under her.

Cole might be a bit old for her, but then again, after immature Nate, she might appreciate a man who’s already made his mistakes and hopefully learned from them. Cole could also throw sparks once more with Nina, but our favorite idea for him is a pairing with Tracy.

Let the writers collaborate on a project and decide that what they should really be working on is their own love story. Never mind that Cole was married to Ashley; the sisters have passed around men before, right? Brad Carlton. What do you hope is in store for Cole? Answer in the comments and on your way.

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