RTV Soap News and Spoilers continues to unravel the story of Andrew and his imminent return next week. The suspense builds as viewers wonder if Andrew will discover the secret that Alex is not Victor’s son and potentially expose all of his sister Teresa’s secrets.

John and Steve are actively investigating the kidnapping of baby Victoria and have identified Constantine as a problematic figure. Constantine, the mastermind behind the kidnapping, orchestrated it to gain the trust of Maggie and Sarah.

The detectives suspect there’s an accomplice, and to their surprise, it’s Teresa. The duo continues to plot, attempting to take over Victor’s assets by manipulating Alex and gaining Maggie’s trust. However, in Salem, secrets seldom stay hidden forever, and eventually, all conspiracies and hidden truths are exposed.

The intriguing twist comes with the arrival of Andrew in Salem next week. As Steve and John extract the camera that reveals Victoria’s kidnapper, they send the images to Shane and his family for processing. Shane and Andrew, after examining the evidence, realize that Teresa is the culprit.

Andrew, shocked by this revelation, may decide to confront his sister directly. The question remains whether Teresa will confess and how Andrew will handle the startling truth. Will Andrew keep the secret or expose Teresa’s involvement in the kidnapping?

The upcoming episodes promise dramatic twists and turns, making it a must-watch for Days of Our Lives enthusiasts. Stay tuned to RTV Soap News and Spoilers for the latest updates and insights into the unfolding Salem saga.

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