The Bold and the Beautiful revealed that Ridge wouldn’t want Eric to suffer anymore. Finn has researched a solution that can treat Eric’s disease, although Eric is the first to test it, and there’s still a possibility that it will be successful.

Despite the potential, Ridge is not reassured. He fears that Eric may be tormented during the experiment but can’t ultimately change the results. Ridge refused Finn’s new treatment for Eric, opting for Eric to leave peacefully instead of going through complicated procedures.

Eric has fulfilled most of his wishes, making it easier for him to depart. Ridge believes it’s best to let things take their natural course and not hold out unrealistic hope for Eric’s recovery. Ridge’s decision faced opposition, leading him to reconsider.

Despite support for Finn from Brooke, Steffy, and Thomas, Ridge, after careful thought and Finn’s assurance of a high success rate, approves Finn’s treatment. The change in decision brings happiness to everyone.

Finn proceeds to treat Eric, ensuring careful execution with the help of Bridget and other qualified doctors. As Eric’s time is running out, the hope is that the treatment will be effective. Fortunately, the treatment process is extremely favorable, and Eric regains consciousness and good health, a miraculous turnaround.

Eric, not expecting a cure, appreciates everyone’s efforts, especially Finn’s dedication. Finn’s persistent persuasion of Ridge pays off, and Ridge is happy he made the right choice. The Forester family, initially devastated, receives the news of Eric’s recovery with joy and relief.

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