In a surprising turn of events on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Zen’s revenge plan against RJ seems to be succeeding. Luna, RJ’s girlfriend, is growing closer to Zen, fueled by Zen’s resentment towards RJ for supposedly taking away his glory.

RJ, new to Forrester Creations, has become involved in Eric’s fashion project, a role that Zen believes rightfully belonged to him, given his significant contributions. Although Zen later understood Eric’s condition, it is implied that RJ, recognizing Eric’s illness, agreed to help him, leaving Zen feeling snubbed.

Zen’s plan unfolds smoothly as he becomes close to Luna, who is now dating RJ. Luna and Zen share a strong connection, and Zen feels sympathy for her, creating an emotional rift. RJ, focused on aiding Eric in his final days, is unaware of Luna’s growing closeness with Zen.

RJ believes that Luna can empathize with him, given Eric’s limited time left. RJ’s intention is to spend more time with Eric before their inevitable separation. Meanwhile, Luna, indifferent to RJ’s compensation plans, finds solace in being able to secretly date Zen without RJ’s interference.

Unbeknownst to Luna, Zen’s approach is fueled by a desire for revenge against RJ. Luna, who is in love with RJ, is secretly involved with Zen, betraying RJ’s trust. Luna’s actions are disrespectful to RJ, and although she has a right to explore other relationships, honesty and clarity in her relationship with RJ are paramount.

Luna’s choice to date Zen while still being RJ’s girlfriend creates a complicated web of deceit and betrayal. As Luna contemplates breaking up with RJ to be with Zen openly, the revelation of Luna’s infidelity will inevitably lead to disappointment for RJ.

The relationship between RJ and Zen turns hostile, and the consequences of Luna’s secret dalliances are poised to shake the foundation of their connections.

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