Bold and Beautiful has proved us wrong at times with a sudden twist to the things they said would happen. It’s been so long since Luna was introduced on the canvas, and we’ve been making some assumptions as to who her father is. Well, it’s based on the hints and the possibility of what could have happened. So soon after Luna was introduced, her mother Poppy appeared, and she turned out to be Leaf Fan’s sister. However, it was not as easy as it sounds. They’ve had a troubled past, and the actual reason why seems to be something else to that matter. Ever since Bill recognized Poppy at the restaurant, we’ve been assuming that he is the real father of Luna.

It was kind of obvious, knowing that they had a past where they shared a magical night just when she got pregnant with Luna. And while everyone was pretty much sure that Bill is Luna’s father, not so fast, guys! PMB has now dropped a hint that it’s someone else we know. I mean, there’s no drama, and it would be a repeat of how he learned about his son Liam. And while we were forced to think of something else, Romy Park, who portrays the role of Poppy, said that there might be more to her fight with Leaf Finigan than simply jealousy. So, it’s something that had me thinking. As soon as the spoilers confirmed that Finn is involved in the drama, as we know Poppy and Lee stayed on the same roof with Jack Finnean, even though it was just for a while. It was about a year before Poppy got pregnant and gave birth to Luna.

So, it kind of makes sense that P’s biological father is also Luna’s father; that makes them siblings. Luna is Finn’s half-sister. Of course, it has to be proven first, but you won’t have to wait that long. Things got more exciting when Luna urged Poppy that she’ll have a DNA test to find out who her father is. So, Poppy had no other option but to freak out, and she’s now at the Cliff House talking to Finn, who has clearly no idea about the shockers. However, it now seems that Luna’s father is none other than the infamous Jack Finnean. You know, the one who was hiding the fact that Finn is Sheila’s biological son. When talking about Bill, he too is an option, but the storylines are now pointing towards Jack again. Now some of you might wonder who this person is and how is he connected to Luna’s mess. So let’s go back to Jack’s introduction, which will further help to explain why it all makes sense now.

While we thought Sheila was a shady character, think again as Jack is more mysterious. He and Lee Finigan had called it quits over Sheila’s revelation, and now there’s another reason why they divorced. Jack had an affair with more than one woman while he was married to Lee. We know about Sheila and how they conceived Finn, but he might have slept with Poppy, and she ended up having Luna, and that’s probably the reason why she never told anyone about Luna’s father. Once a thief, always a thief. We know that Jack had the habit of cheating, and he might have hit the sheets with Lee’s sister that later gave her a child. But the important question is: Does Lee have any idea about it, and could that be the reason why she is so angry with Poppy? While she claims she is jealous, there seems to be more than meets the eye. So, Lee is a doctor, she’s a smart woman, and she knows all about Poppy.

And when she disappeared without the trees, she might have guessed something was wrong. And when she found out about Luna, she might have guessed that it was Jack’s daughter, but she kept silent only to save her marriage. Secondly, if it’s true, if Luna’s father is also Jack, she would obviously do anything to keep this under wraps, and that’s the reason why she makes a request to Finn this week. Now that there have been talks about a DNA test, she wants to tamper with the outcome, and before she does, she’ll confide in Finn. She’ll drop the bombshell that he has a half-sister, and she wants to hide the shockers from Luna at any cost, which is why she comes up with a plan.

A plan to deceive everyone. She might as well claim that Luna is Bill’s daughter in order to make peace within her family. So, she’ll urge Finn to change the DNA outcome and do this favor. Of course, Finn will be stuck in a loop. How can he watch his mother be devastated over the same thing again? I mean, she’s already gone through Jack’s betrayal with Sheila, and now her own sister would make it worse. And while there have been talks about the return of Ted King back on the canvas, there have been no confirmation whatsoever. So, guys, that’s all for the spoilers. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below, and please subscribe to our channel for more spoilers from your favorite daytime drama.

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