RTV Soap News and Spoilers today bring forth an intriguing possibility related to baby Jude in Salem. The discussion revolves around the idea of whether Jude will become the adopted child of EJ and Nicole. The reasoning behind this unconventional thought lies in the current situation where Eric and Sloan are not deemed qualified for custody, and Melinda has not completed the legal adoption process.

As the child is considered Sloan’s adopted child, there is a potential loophole in custody. The storyline suggests that EJ and Nicole might step in as adoptive parents for baby Jude, given the uncertain custody situation. Although the notion may sound unconventional, viewers are encouraged to join in to find out whether this storyline will unfold in Salem.

The recent discovery of a voicemail on Eric’s phone from the adoption lawyer adds complexity to the narrative. Eric, confused by the lawyer’s call apologizing for the failed adoption, begins to suspect there might be more to the story.

Sloan is anticipated to continue weaving lies to cover up the truth, possibly claiming that the adoption was a failure but later finding another baby to replace Jude. Eric may not harbor many doubts, especially considering the previous DNA results that indicated Nicole is not the baby’s mother.

However, the storyline speculates a potential twist when Melinda faces difficulty completing the adoption procedures for baby Jude due to fake documents. This could lead to EJ stepping in to rescue the baby, making it his and Nicole’s adopted child.

With EJ’s legal expertise and influential position, he might utilize his resources to ensure the well-being of the traumatized child. In Salem, where anything can happen, this unconventional and seemingly crazy story could indeed unfold.

Viewers are urged to stay tuned to RTV Soap News and Spoilers to witness how the story of baby Jude unfolds in the near future. For those seeking updates and news on “Days of Our Lives,” subscribing to the channel is the key to staying informed. Bye-bye!

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