In the latest Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) spoilers, Liam Spencer might be resorting to his old habits from the Waffler playbook as Steffy Forrester returns to John “Finn” Finnegan. Initially, Liam was convinced Steffy would come back to him, but now that hasn’t happened, will he try to win over Hope Logan once again?

Steffy’s panic upon seeing Sheila in her house led her to leave town, but it had nothing to do with her feelings for Finn. She simply needed reassurance that Finn would sever ties with Sheila. Despite Liam’s belief that he could talk Steffy into giving him another chance, he’ll be disheartened when she returns home to Finn instead.

Liam had been trying every possible way to undermine Steffy and Finn, but his attempts to sway Steffy fell flat. Steffy and Finn will present a united front against Sheila, leaving Liam on the sidelines. Steffy is uninterested in Liam and his games, having witnessed his flip-flopping between her and Hope.

She recognizes Liam’s pattern of vacillation and has no intention of re-entering that triangle. Steffy yearns to rebuild her marriage with Finn and to stand together against their common adversaries. In the meantime, Liam struggles without a woman in his life, though he’s alienated both Hope and Steffy at this point.

Steffy will make it clear to Liam that there’s nothing left between them but friendship. Liam will turn to Bill Spencer for advice on his romantic troubles. Bill had initially thought Liam was going to reconcile with Hope during his trip to Rome. However, Hope is now in a relationship with Thomas Forrester, who has demonstrated a genuine commitment to her.

Liam may suggest reuniting their family, viewing it as a chance to mend things. Will Hope agree to meet Liam for a conversation? Unlike Liam, Thomas consistently prioritizes Hope’s needs. While there has been a longstanding rivalry between Liam and Thomas, Thomas has shown Hope a level of love and affection that Liam hasn’t.

Liam’s love has always been divided between Hope and Steffy, whereas Thomas’s heart is entirely committed to Hope. The question remains: will Hope give Liam another chance, or will she choose Thomas as the love of her life?

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