Today on RTV soap news and spoilers, we have an intriguing story to share about Dimitri and Leo. The two characters are set to have a meeting, during which Dimitri will shock Leo with a revelation. Viewers are already aware that Sloan is working tirelessly to free Leo from jail before Dimitri exposes a truth about her adopted son to Nicole.

Recently, Dimitri discovered that Nicole’s son did not die but was, in fact, kept by Sloan as her adopted son, a secret Sloan used to manipulate and threaten her. Despite Sloan’s efforts to help Leo gain freedom, it becomes increasingly challenging, especially with EJ, the Salem District Attorney, unwilling to forgive Leo for the perceived role in her son’s death.

In the most recent episode, Sloan faced difficulties in securing Leo’s freedom, as EJ adamantly refused to drop the charges. To save Leo, Dimitri contemplates turning himself in. However, a new character, Jackie Cox, emerges. Jackie, who was previously in a relationship with Leo, appears to have a plan to help Dimitri leave Salem and aid Leo in gaining freedom.

As Jackie advises Dimitri to surrender himself, a series of events unfold at the police station. During a conversation between Dimitri and Leo, Dimitri drops the bombshell that Nicole’s supposedly deceased baby is alive and was stolen by Sloan.

Despite Sloan’s continued efforts to assist Leo legally, a new challenge arises as Leo resorts to blackmailing her with the knowledge he possesses about Nicole’s child.

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