ABC General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Esme remembered some things from the past, and through that, she felt that she used to be an evil person. However, Esme wasn’t too upset about it. She was a bit conflicted initially, not expecting that she had made so many mistakes.

Gradually, Esme accepted that person, and she even took the initiative to meet Heather at the prison to learn more about what happened in the past. Additionally, Esme kept the fact that she had partially recovered her memories a secret from everyone else, displaying her intelligence and strategic thinking.

Esme, being smart, avoids doing anything that puts herself at a disadvantage, and Heather is the only person who knows about Esme’s past.

When Esme went to see Heather, she knew she might learn more. Heather had no intention of keeping secrets from Esme, and if Esme remembers everything and returns to her old self, Heather can take advantage of Esme.

Esme’s dark side is expected to return, and not long after living a decent life, things will return to the way they were before. Despite everyone still thinking Esme is suffering from amnesia, she has, in fact, remembered most of everything with Heather’s help.

Esme’s first priority after remembering everything is to harm Trina, whom she finds most annoying. Seeing Trina and Spencer happy together upsets Esme, and she believes Spencer should belong to her, not Trina. Esme, with Heather’s instigation, plans to separate Spencer and Trina. Esme knows Porsche’s hatred of Spencer and plans to use it to her advantage.

Esme and Porsche will combine forces to break up Trina and Spencer forever, even though Porsche understands it could hurt her daughter. Esme believes it’s better for Trina to get hurt once and be safe in the future than to let her sink deeper into this love affair.

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