According to a royal insider, Maria Baralo, the trusted nanny of Princess Catherine, is playing a crucial role during the princess’s recovery at home following her abdominal surgery on Monday. The Princess of Wales left the London Clinic after 14 days and is now back home surrounded by her husband and three doting children.

Despite being renowned as a hands-on mother, The Duchess of Wales is being urged to take ample time for rest, while Prince William assumes extra parenting duties, adjusting his schedule by clearing it of official obligations as his wife recuperates.

He will provide support during her recovery and will only resume public engagements once she is well settled. The family is also being supported by their staff, including loyal and longstanding Maria Teresa Turan Baralo, whose role could be crucial in the coming weeks.

Royal expert Richard Fitz Williams emphasized that Maria Baralo’s help is invaluable at this difficult time, stating that her contribution will be important so William can resume royal duties. Recognizing the importance of recovery, Catherine is expected to lean heavily on the support of her reliable nanny, Maria Baralo.

Maria Teresa Turan Baralo has been the royal nanny to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis since 2014, known for being the best in child care. Her role extends beyond typical childcare duties, providing comfort, assistance, and a sense of normalcy during this critical period.

Her steadfast reliability and close bond with the Royal Family make her an integral part of the post-surgery recovery process. As Princess Catherine prioritizes her well-being, Maria Baralo’s unwavering presence ensures that The Duchess can rest assured that her children are in capable hands.

The trust placed in Maria Baralo underscores the significance of a reliable caregiver in the lives of even the most prominent figures in the royal family. With considerable speculation about when William can resume royal duties, Maria’s contribution at this difficult time becomes all the more invaluable.

The Prince and Princess of Wales lead a busy life with their royal duties and bringing up their three children, making Maria Teresa Turan Baralo’s role indispensable. Chosen by Princess Katherine and Prince William, Maria Teresa, a Spanish nanny trained at the prestigious Norland College in Bath, is extremely popular with the children.

Her training equips her with a variety of skills and the ability to work long hours if needed, making her particularly useful during the pivotal weeks of Catherine’s recovery.

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