Princess Kate has been advised to strike a delicate balance as she returns to the public spotlight after undergoing abdominal surgery. While she won’t engage in official duties until after Easter, a therapist recommends a cautious approach.

The therapist emphasized the importance of Kate balancing her physical and emotional well-being, suggesting she should gradually ease back into her royal responsibilities, prioritizing tasks aligned with her energy and health.

Maintaining psychological independence and control over her schedule is crucial during this transition. The Kensington Palace spokesman confirmed Kate’s return to Windsor for recovery, expressing gratitude for the support received worldwide.

While details of her condition remain private, Prince William acknowledged the public’s kindness at an air ambulance charity event in London. Physiotherapist Mr. NASA anticipates Kate’s recovery timeline and suggests a gradual return to activities like tennis or hiking within 8 to 12 weeks post-operation.

Princess Kate spent a 13-night stay in a London Clinic before returning to the Windsor estate and recently joined her family for the half-term holiday at Sandringham Farm in Norfolk, indicating positive progress in her condition.

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