Eric Forrester was hanging on to life, and Finn and Bridget Forrester worked hard to save him. Finn’s advanced treatment helped Eric, but he’s not completely better yet.

After the treatment, Bold and the Beautiful shows Eric in recovery, and it seems like he might be letting go and dying.

The spirit of Stephanie Forrester is there, guiding him towards the light. Is this Eric’s final scene? Probably not, because it sets the stage for more drama.

Eventually, one of these scenes might be his last, but it may not happen right away.

Even though his late wife seemed to be calling him away, there’s a chance it’s not the end for Eric.

As Ridge Forrester worried last week on Bold and the Beautiful, his father might come back as someone his family doesn’t recognize.

This is the second time Ridge mentioned this after the treatment was presented. So, it seems like Bold and the Beautiful is preparing viewers for a changed Eric Forrester.

But along with that, spoilers say that Finn will also discover a shocking secret, and that’s about the reason for Eric’s serious illness.

Finn will be shocked when he finds out that Dr Colby has given Eric some wrong medicine to let him die, instead of saving him.

Finn will immediately confront Colby for that, let’s wait and see what will happen next this time!

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