In the upcoming week on Y&R, Summer Newman is poised to make a significant decision, likely concerning her romantic life.

Currently navigating a divorce and custody arrangement with Kyle Abbott, both have put their animosity behind them and are now focused on amicably co-parenting their son, Harrison Locke.

Summer is also showing interest in Chance Chancellor, but there’s a lingering hope that she and Kyle might rekindle their marriage.

If she reconsiders something, it could involve her determination to move on from Kyle, opting instead to give their relationship another chance.

However, a shocking development involving Audra Charles might complicate matters.

Meanwhile, Tucker McCall finds himself under scrutiny from his son, Devon Hamilton.

Devon is likely questioning Tucker’s intentions, particularly regarding the Abbott family, who Abby Newman is a part of.

With Tucker’s history, Devon isn’t likely to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Victor Newman is also enacting a new plan at Newman Enterprises, causing ripples within his own family.

This move could have far-reaching consequences. With several unexpected twists on the horizon, viewers won’t want to miss Summer’s next move on the CBS soap opera.

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