Amidst Kyle and Summer’s decision to part ways, neither seems overly eager to follow through. For now, Audra provides a source of comfort for Kyle, even as his position at Newman Enterprises hangs by a thread.

In a heartfelt conversation, Kyle and Victoria discover an unexpected alignment in their goals and aspirations, forging an alliance.

Where might this alliance lead? Well, it’s a bold speculation, but it appears to be veering towards a budding romance between Kyle and Victoria. Some suggest they go by the ship name “Vile.”

Now, let’s address the obvious concern. This potential romance raises eyebrows not so much due to the age gap between Kyle and Victoria, but because of the intricate family dynamics at play.

Kyle was once the love of Victoria’s niece, Summer. Additionally, he’s Billy’s nephew and a cousin to Victoria’s own children. It’s a complex situation, and many might find it a tad uncomfortable — I know I do.

However, history shows that Victoria doesn’t shy away from mixing business with pleasure. Just consider her past involvements with Nate, Ashland, Brad, and even her seduction of Elena’s boyfriend. Victoria takes the saying “everything’s fair in love and war” quite literally.

After all, Billy can’t exactly claim the moral high ground, given his affair with Phyllis. And in the grand scheme of things, could Victoria and Kyle’s romance be any more scandalous than Victor’s history with Sharon?

In these prominent soap opera families, it might just be business as usual. As long as Victoria waits until Kyle’s divorce is official, there may be no harm done, right? Well, except for her children potentially having to refer to him as a step-cousin or something.

But you may wonder, what could possibly bring Victoria and Kyle together? The answer is straightforward: Nate and Audra. After getting involved with Audra, even Billy suspects that Nate would do anything to climb the ladder of success, even if it means betraying the woman he loves.

Nate might be trying to distance himself from Audra, but it’s possible that the damage is already done. On Audra’s side, her relationship with Kyle isn’t exactly a grand love affair. If hooking up with Nate proves advantageous enough, she might jump ship faster than you can blink.

Since his split with Summer, Kyle has been letting loose and having fun. If Audra were to betray him, he might need someone to turn to. Of course, this doesn’t mean things won’t get messy. Summer and Nick would likely be furious, and Phyllis would undoubtedly add her rage to the mix.

But Summer may find herself bonding with her mom over their shared anger towards Kyle and Victoria.

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