Hope expresses how she feels about Thomas’s suggestion when Thomas proposed to Hope in the design office and showed her a ring, she was rendered speechless. Hope stumbled to say that it was so unexpected. “Is it really, though?” he inquired, reminding her of his unwavering devotion to her. Hope thought Thomas was amazing, and that the ring was a kind gesture for her. In response, Thomas said that it was for their child, their life together, and for them both. She said she didn’t know he had planned any of it. Thomas clarified that he has owned the ring for some time and that she was not easily surprised. He had been waiting for the ideal moment, though it wasn’t the best place. Thomas realized that they had made some of their best memories there. Hope said that he was considerate and that the way he cherished and prioritized her always made her feel special. She said that was something she had never experienced before, and it was comforting to know that he truly loved her, and not to doubt his devotion. If it meant Hope would be his wife, Thomas inquired. Hope said that at that point in time, she was unable to commit to anyone to that extent or accept his proposal. His declaration of love was greatly appreciated, and she was thrilled to learn that he desired to live out his days with her because she loved spending time with him and Douglas.

Hope said that their time together was amazing at all times, but she wasn’t prepared for such a degree of dedication just yet. She was still coming to terms with her union with Liam. She needed to allow herself time to come to terms with who she was, what she needed, and what her future held, but she also wanted to make sure Beth was in a good place. She apologized but stated she wasn’t prepared. She hoped he got it. Thomas said that everything was alright and that he understood, but that the ring wasn’t what he wanted. He spun Hope around and took her jewelry off. He directed her to hold the ring near her heart where it belonged as he threaded it onto the gold chain. Hope described it as a lovely gesture. Thomas did not wish to put her under any duress. He had faith in them. He thought she would have the ring on her finger. He sensed and believed in their love. He sensed it in their shared work, in her name calling, and in their close moments. They shared a kiss when he decided he could wait a bit longer after waiting for years.

Steffy was insistent in Eric’s office with Ridge that Hope wasn’t serious about Thomas. According to Steffy, Hope had informed Ridge that their relationship was private, in order for Hope to keep it a secret that it was only a hookup. Hope, according to Steffy, had no plans to become serious with Thomas. When Brooke got there, she hoped Steffy was correct. Brooke was relieved at Steffy, and she agreed that Hope was not thinking about a future with Thomas; she was attempting to shield both Hope and Thomas. Brooke reasoned Thomas should avoid Hope, according to Brooke, who described her as a drug. Steffy concurred with Brooke, stating that Hope was the antithesis of Thomas. Although Steffy was pleased with Thomas’s advancements, she believed that their relationship would lead to serious issues. Where had all the faith gone, Ridge wondered. It was acknowledged by Steffy and Brooke that they were not very faith-filled in Hope and Thomas. Ridge clarified that a heartbreaking outcome did not necessarily indicate that Thomas would shatter. Ridge thought Thomas was a different person. He requested that Brooke and Steffy give Thomas credit. In response, Steffy said she just didn’t want it to be the cause of Thomas’s downfall. Steffy came to the conclusion that Hope had to either stay with Thomas or let him go, not manipulate his feelings.

Ridge and Brooke were alone themselves later. He expressed that he had assumed they were done with Thomas. In response, Brooke said that they had been up until their children began dating. When Ridge and Brooke had first started dating, Ridge believed she sounded like Stephanie. Although Brooke conceded it, she maintained Ridge had not been like Thomas at all. She didn’t want to put herself and Ridge at odds. Thomas had changed, Ridge insisted, and perhaps this was their fate. Could he make that statement with haste, Brooke answered no. Ridge reasoned that Stephanie hadn’t believed that he and Brooke would make a good match or last. Thomas loved Hope, he claimed. Perhaps they should be together, he remarked, assuming Hope found it amusing. Ridge reflected that he had also been worried at one point, but that one had to learn to let go of worries. Brooke was afraid it might come back to haunt them. “They are little children, they’re skilled at what they do,” he said. He reasoned that since Hope and Thomas were being sincere with one another, Thomas was probably aware that their relationship had reached its limit. Brooke wasn’t sure Thomas was ready for that. Ridge figured Thomas had gotten over his rejection. He raised the prospect of Hope falling in love with Thomas. Brooke didn’t see it coming and didn’t believe Hope could ever give Thomas her whole attention.

Finn was puzzled at his office by Xander’s suspicion that Thomas had committed a murder. Xander said that he probably shouldn’t have spoken up and not prior to the meeting. He was unaware of Finn’s connection to the Forresters. Xander clarified that Emma Barber wasn’t deserving of Thomas’s treatment because she was completely innocent. Finn claimed he wasn’t gullible about Thomas, but taking a live he questioned Xander. Finn questioned if she didn’t think Thomas was capable of more after reminding him that Thomas had kept someone’s kid from them. Rewinding, Xander determined he had to go and that Finn was not fit to be his physician. Finn surmised that it was because he was Thomas’s relative. All Xander knew, he added, was that Emma, the gifted dancer, with her entire life before her, had been murdered.

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