Maria walks into the room and spots Kyle. They chat about the adorable baby in the bunny costume from the photos. Kyle asks about her condition, and Maria explains that her hearing loss is significant, but they have confirmed the diagnosis. The good news is that they’re moving forward and fitting her with hearing aids today. Kyle finds it amazing that she’ll be able to hear. Maria confesses she’s nervous about it. Kyle reassures her, asking, “What if they do work?” and emphasizes that she’s doing everything right.

Maria explains that the doctor is patient and knowledgeable, and even worked on Devon’s team when he got his cochlear implant. Kyle reminds her that even if the hearing aids don’t work, there are other options, and she has a strong support system. Maria then asks if he’s looking for a job. Kyle mentions he’s enjoying some downtime and learning to cook with Mrs. Martinez. Maria knows he loves hard work and proving himself. Kyle admits that the downtime has been driving him crazy and he wants to be back at Jabot in his old co-CEO job.

Meanwhile, Billy sits down in the park, and Chelsea walks up. They exchange greetings, and Billy tells her it’s great to see her. He asks why she didn’t tell him she was coming home. Chelsea wanted to surprise him and confesses that she’s there to work. She mentions there are challenges to address at Marchetti since both Summer and Chloe have strong personalities. Billy hasn’t heard of any issues, but Chelsea warns that’s about to change. Summer and Chloe are clashing over designs that have been revised multiple times. Chloe wants Summer to trust her, insisting the designs are good and just need some refinement. Summer argues that Marchetti has a specific look and clientele.

Chloe tells her she needs to give them some leeway, considering their years of experience. Summer counters, questioning if they have more experience than her. She emphasizes that she’s in charge of Marchetti and knows exactly what she wants. Chloe believes that being a leader means listening to input and allowing creativity to flow. Summer feels Chloe thinks she’s holding them back, and Chloe points out that Summer has been second-guessing every design and suggestion they make lately. She asks why Summer can’t just let go.

In another scene, Sally awakens as Adam receives a message from Nate about work. Adam gets out of bed, leaving Sally asleep. Meanwhile, Nick and Victoria arrive in Victor’s office. They confront him about the plan to test loyalty by pretending to be mentally unstable. Victoria is especially vocal about her disapproval, emphasizing that the plan should only be focused on Adam. Victor appears to forget their previous conversation about the plan, causing confusion among Nick and Victoria.

Just as they discuss this, Nate arrives at the door. Victor abruptly instructs Nate to take him out of the room, expressing his frustration with the situation. Nick is left bewildered by the turn of events and turns to Victoria, asking her to explain what is happening.

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