Bold and the Beautiful has left Eric Forrester’s impending death a bit of a puzzle, with only six months left to live, but the exact cause remains unclear on the CBS soap opera. Due to the uncertainty surrounding this iconic character’s looming demise, there are several potential scenarios.

Eric Forrester, played by John McCook, is now facing the grim prognosis of having only six months left. Despite having access to top medical professionals in his family and circle of friends, an unfamiliar doctor is taking the lead in managing his illness.

So far, all that fans know is that the illness is fatal, and Eric is determined to make the most of each day. The specific name of the condition is still a mystery. What could this doctor have discovered that will ultimately lead to the passing of the Forrester patriarch?

Bold and Beautiful spoilers suggest that Eric Forrester’s secret is on the verge of being exposed this week. RJ Forrester is set to confide in his mother about his grandfather’s condition, and once Brooke Logan knows, it’s likely everyone will find out.

It’s highly probable that Eric will face a barrage of suggestions from his family, urging him to consult a specialist. However, seeking a specialist’s opinion could potentially reveal a misdiagnosis. The implications of such a revelation would depend on who makes this discovery.

The sudden six-month prognosis for Eric Forrester doesn’t sit well with many. There’s a lingering question about the validity of the diagnosis, especially with only one doctor briefly visiting the Forrester mansion. It’s possible that the diagnosis is incorrect, regardless of what it may be.

It’s conceivable that someone close to Eric, like Dr. John Finnegan or his daughter Bridget Forrester, might notice inconsistencies in the diagnosis. Another possibility is that Sheila Carter, with her extensive medical knowledge, could identify something that contradicts the fatal diagnosis. While this idea may seem far-fetched, some see it as a potential avenue for Sheila’s redemption.

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