ABC General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny is growing suspicious of Nina, sensing that she is concealing something from him. Sonny’s keen intuition leads him to observe Nina’s recent unusual behavior, particularly her obedience to Michael.

He notices a change in Nina’s demeanor and wonders if Michael holds some leverage over her, potentially exploiting a weakness.

Sonny becomes perplexed by Nina’s compliance with Michael’s restrictions, especially concerning Willow and Wiley, who are Nina’s daughter and grandson, respectively. Sonny, wanting transparency in his relationship with Nina, initiates a conversation with her, urging her to open up about any concerns.

Despite their marital bond, Nina is hesitant to involve Sonny in the tangled web of secrets she shares with Michael, fearing his reaction.

Nina, aware of Sonny’s protective nature and his loyalty to Carly, refrains from disclosing her connection to the harm inflicted on Carly. Sonny, however, persists in his pursuit of the truth, convinced that Nina is withholding information.

In an unexpected turn, Nina finally confesses to Sonny that she reported the SEC, leading to Drew’s imprisonment, and Michael is manipulating her using this secret.

Sonny is left shocked and disappointed by Nina’s revelation, expressing disbelief at her involvement in such harmful actions. Disillusioned by Nina’s betrayal of their promises to live a good life, Sonny decides to take a break from their relationship, feeling the need for both of them to reflect on the situation. Sonny is torn between forgiveness and the difficulty of accepting Nina’s actions, leaving the fate of their relationship uncertain.

As Sonny contemplates their future, the question arises: will he be able to forgive Nina and move forward, or will the revelation lead to the end of their relationship? The storyline takes an emotional turn, exploring the challenges and decisions that lie ahead for Sonny and Nina.

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