ABC General Hospital spoilers unfolded a gripping storyline as Carly, suspecting her mother Bobby’s death may not have been due to a stroke, decided to embark on a solo trip to Amsterdam.

Determined to help Bobby complete unfinished business and unveil the truth behind her mother’s demise, Carly began to feel an eerie atmosphere during her journey. On the plane to Amsterdam, she sensed a strange presence, triggering anxiety.

Upon landing, Carly felt watched at the airport and suspected someone was following her. In a state of panic, she devised a plan to confront the potential threat. Changing direction and entering a crowded area, Carly jumped into a taxi and headed to the hotel, seeking refuge.

In her distress, she reached out to Sonny, recounting the incident and expressing feelings of discomfort and insecurity. Sonny assured Carly of his immediate journey to the Netherlands to protect her. However, before Sonny’s arrival, an intruder broke into Carly’s hotel room, rendering her unconscious and spiriting her away.

Sonny, arriving later, discovered Carly’s kidnapping, prompting a frantic search. The worry intensified as the connection between Bobby’s death and Carly’s investigation raised the stakes. The kidnappers, fearing exposure, might view Carly as a threat, making her safety crucial.

Sonny’s urgent mission becomes a race against time to find Carly before she faces danger or worse. The suspense builds as the storyline unfolds, leaving viewers on edge about Carly’s fate and the turn of events in this gripping tale.

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