The Bold and Beautiful Spoilers said that Sheila Carter ( Kimberlin Brown ) is very happy to enjoy her freedom, she rushed to her lover Deacon Sharpe ( Sean Kanan ) right after she was released from jail and lands in bed with him.

She also has a huge mission to take back her son and grandson, and right now she knows that John Finnegan ( Tanner Novlan ) has feelings for her.

But spoilers say that Sheila will make a serious mistake and she will land in jail again because Sheila wants to revenge on Bill Spencer ( Don Diamont ).

Sheila wants to be a good person and live a free life, but after all, she is a crazy woman and her actions will cause huge trouble.

Watching Bill will cause Sheila great pain in her heart, she trusted him and loved him, but Bill betrayed her as he made her heart broken.

Sheila will never forget what Bill did to her, and spoilers say that she will find a way to make Bill pay the price for his actions.

She knows that she needs to be careful with her plan, she doesn’t want to be arrested again, but Bill is a dangerous person too.

It’s not easy to revenge on a powerful man like Dollar Bill, so maybe Sheila’s plan will go out of control and she will do a terrible thing.

If she wants to remove Bill from her life, she could go down for that and maybe it could give her a return trip to prison.

Spoilers say that a tragic death will hit the show in August, Bill, and Sheila, who will meet a grim fate this time.

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4 thoughts on “The Bold and Beautiful Spoilers : Sheila still wants to revenge on Bill, tragic death happens in August”
  1. I hope Sheila don’t go after Bill Spencer’s son’s cause I like Liam and Wyatt. Sheila just need to stay right and not land on prison again

  2. Bill is a key person. If Sheila dies so be it, Sheila I don’t care much if she gets bumped off.

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