The Bold and Beautiful Spoilers tease that Steffy Forrester ( Jacqueline MacInnes Wood ) will be shocked to hear the news that Kelly Spencer ( Sophia Paras Mckinlay ) is in hospital, she will cry and blame John Finnegan ( Tanner Novlan ) for this accident.

But Steffy will also receive one more shocking news, Sheila Carter ( Kimberlin Brown ) was there and saved Kelly first, she did a good thing.

This will change Steffy’s mind about Sheila, although Steffy will still hate this woman for what she did to her family.

But after all, Steffy knows that Sheila saved her daughter, and she needs to appreciate that.

Steffy will still keep her eyes on Sheila and ban her from visiting her family, but at least, she will do Sheila a favor.

Spoilers say that Steffy will let Sheila see and hold baby Hayes for one time, just one time because Steffy wants to thank Sheila for her heroic action.

But Liam Spencer ( Scott Clifton ) won’t like this idea at all, he will try to stop Sheila from being near Steffy and Kelly, he is furious with Finn too.

And Finn will also realize that Liam is doing too much in this family, so Finn may do something dangerous to stop Liam.

Spoilers say that a big battle will happen between Liam and Finn, but Liam will use Sheila to stay with Steffy and Kelly.

Finn is Sheila’s son, so he may become crazy with Liam and maybe he will put Liam in a dangerous situation.

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2 thoughts on “The Bold and Beautiful Spoilers : Steffy thanks Sheila for saving Kelly, finally gives her a chance to see Hayes”
  1. I think it’s good that’s Steffey gives Shiela a little bit of a second chance but of course she needs to keep her guard up. From her past I don’t think she will change for long but we shall see

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