• The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: What the hell is going on with Liam Spencer

Liam Spencer ( Scott Clifton ) told Hope Logan ( Annika Noelle ) to leave Thomas Forrester ( Matthew Atkinson ), but after that, he refused to reunite with her, what the hell is happening with this Spencer’s man. Liam Spencer doesn’t love Hope Logan anymore, but he can’t let her find happiness with Thomas Forrester, just because he hates Thomas Forrester so he doesn’t want Hope Logan with him.

The writers are making Liam Spencer become the most hated character in town, but looks like something bad is going to happen to him. Liam Spencer will soon become Thomas Forrester’s enemy because Thomas Forrester will feel angry when Liam Spencer left Hope Logan alone and run to Steffy Forrester ( Jacqueline MacInnes Wood ) instead.

So Thomas Forrester will come up with a plan, to make Liam Spencer pay the price for what he did, and we all know what Thomas Forrester could do.


  • The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: New Enemy

Meanwhile, Liam Spencer has another big enemy right now, that is John “Finn” Finnegan ( Tanner Novlan ) because John “Finn” Finnegan is the first person to realize what Liam Spencer is thinking. Liam Spencer wants to steal Steffy Forrester back from John “Finn” Finnegan’s arms, and John “Finn” Finnegan isn’t going to let Liam Spencer do that, he will take drastic action.

John “Finn” Finnegan may turn dark when he sees Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester spend too much time together, while he’s outside begging his wife for a chance. We will see a new version of John “Finn” Finnegan when he comes to deal with Liam Spencer and try to remove this man from Steffy Forrester’s life.

Spoilers say that a sad ending is waiting for Liam Spencer down the road, maybe we will never see him again on this show.


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24 thoughts on “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: A sad ending is waiting for Liam, maybe he’ll leave the show forever”
  1. Well 2 men have it out for puky Liam boy. We don’t know which one but Liampuky better watch his back. This waffler has no respect for Finn and Steffy marriage or for Hope. Like who you to judge anyone ,your track record is dirty also. So say bye Steffy loves her husband and hope loves Thomas
    Both are real men.
    Watch your back Shelia might get you. Deacon is Hope Father.

        1. This is true, Liam is a excellant actor. He plays his part very well. I totally hope he will stay on the show.

  2. Liam is the most inconsiderate person, He doesn’t want Hope but doesn’t want Thomas to have her, trying to break up Steffy and Finn. He deserves whatever he gets. He is no angel from what all he has done.

    1. They have made Liam into a non respectable person. He was never that way before. Same as Hope, she always looked at the best in people. They do still belong with each other. When one marries, it is for love, honor and obey. Sometimes it is difficult, but, we must learn how to continue loving and respecting one another. We work through these things. They make divorce too easy today. I lost my hubby after 61 years and I would love if he was still here. God has a plan, but we continue on!

      1. What about all that when he was married to Steffy??!!.. Hope didn’t respect his marriage to Steffy!!.. I’m so sick of everybody fighting for Liam to stay with Hope and respect that marriage when nobody had the same respect for his and Steffy’s marriage!!..

  3. People are too hard on Liam
    He fought for Hope
    He begged Hope to protect their marriage and stay away from
    Thomas or any temptation
    Hope was wrong and betrayed him and their family

  4. Liam needs to go! He wants Steffy and he wants to come between her and Finn. This whole story line is B.O.R.I.N.G!

  5. Liam is wrong! He led Hope on all this time and pretended he loved her. All the time, he still put Steffy first before Hope. He brought all the “Mess” on!

  6. Don’t kill Liam yes I know he done wrong in the past but he needs to forget and forgive. He probably needs to fight for his marriage even though he said he can’t forgive. Liam does need to stay away from Steffy so she can go back to Finn. Writers you are making Liam to be a villain on the show why did you have to change the storyline between Liam and Hope. Need new writers write storyline

  7. Don’t kill him off he’s an ass but I think hope should go be with Thomas Steffy should go back to Finn so Liam won’t get eather one of them that will fix him

  8. I’ll be so unhappy to see Liam leave the show Gorgeous man They gave him a bad story line .He needed a different story line .I think he’s a good actor .

  9. Leave Finn with Steffy. Let Hope and Liam find there way back to one another. Let Finn and Steffy take a family vacation together for a few weeks or a motnth until it’s time for her to come back from having her baby.Delphia

  10. Let him leave the show. He is such a baby. Leave scenes he is in and give to someone else. All Hope does is cry. So sick of their scenes over and over. Bring back some old blood or hire two more.

  11. Let Steffy and Finn get back together. They make a beautiful couple!!
    Okay, Hope and Thomas? Maybe.
    Bring someone new on for Liam. He needs a new storyline and love.

  12. Everyone is forgetting that Hope was with Liam first and Steffy took him from her. I say let Hope and Liam be together and let Steffy and Finn be together she is much happier with him. I read an article that Shelia might not be Finn real mother I hope that is true then she can really be out of his life forever. I do not want anything to happen to Liam, but I do want him out of Finn and Steffy relationship. I don’t want to see this back-and-forth
    action between him and Steffy and hope again.

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