• The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Forrester is disappointed

Thomas Forrester ( Matthew Atkinson ) is very disappointed after hearing what Hope Logan said to him, he can’t believe that Hope Logan ( Annika Noelle ) has changed so fast like this. But all of that is coming from Liam Spencer ( Scott Clifton ), Thomas Forrester knows that Liam Spencer told Hope Logan something bad about him and makes Hope Logan change her mind.

Thomas Forrester loves Hope Logan so much, he couldn’t wait to build a new life with his dream woman, and looks like his dream almost came to him. But Liam Spencer appeared and destroyed everything in Thomas Forrester’s life, he couldn’t take this pain and he will fight back.

Thomas Forrester even told Hope Logan that he has one thing to do, and spoilers say that he might do something dangerous to revenge on Liam Spencer.


  • The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Revenge plan

Thomas Forrester didn’t see Liam Spencer as an enemy, but after what Hope Logan said to him, now Thomas Forrester has changed his mind and he will see Liam Spencer as his number one enemy. This time, we will see Thomas Forrester returns to his dark side, and this man could do anything he can to make Liam Spencer pay the price.

Thomas Forrester and Liam Spencer had many big fights in the past, and their rivalry will once again come back this time because Thomas Forrester is crazy now. Spoilers say that Thomas Forrester will come up with a plan to attack Liam Spencer, and maybe a big battle will happen between these two.

Something dangerous will happen to Liam Spencer because Thomas Forrester thinks that he is the reason for the collapse of his relationship with Hope Logan.


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