Nikki is gearing up to oppose all of Victor’s plans as she takes on her new role. In secret, she recruits Audra and devises a plan to start an independent venture with the potential for significant success.

Given their loss of faith in their sons, it appears that Nikki will dedicate some time to this side project. It has the potential for substantial results if Audra follows through on what she’s been told and completes her task. The big question is whether Audra will remain loyal to Nikki.

Audra is still contemplating her plans with Nikki, and if she succeeds in breaking up Victoria and Nate’s romance, she could potentially earn a promotion or other perks. Audra seems to be taking on a shady mission for Nikki, and it may involve luring Nate away from Victoria.

Audra is an ambitious individual, and she might be willing to go to great lengths to achieve her goals. This task might not be too challenging, especially considering Nate’s history of infidelity and recent flirtations with Audra.

Nikki is counting on Audra to split up Nate and Victoria because she doesn’t trust him with her daughter’s heart. When Victoria learns about her mother’s scheme to separate them, it will undoubtedly create tension.

Perhaps Nikki is hoping that this plan will lead to Nate’s removal from both the company and Victoria’s life.

As for Adam, he should leave the company for good and get his own company, because he will be put in a terrible situation this time. The Newmans treat Adam like he has no right to feel the way he does, all they do is set him up and make him begin to believe he’s in the right direction.


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12 thoughts on “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor and Nikki will feel regret after seeing Adam in this situation”
  1. I’m certain Nate & Audra will end up in bed together and Kyle will catch them. I think he’s starting to really fall for Audra. I don’t know if their secret is the same one she has with Tucker or not. I just hope Adam doesn’t get caught in anything serious or dangerous. He’s been through enough.

    1. This Is Why I’ve Been Boycotting The Show For Over A Month, I See You Sadistic Writer’s Are Still Crapping On The Adam Character, Yet You Let The 3 Stooges Get Away With Manslaughter, Aiding And Abetting, Tampering With Evidence, Obstruction Of Justice, For The Ashland Murder, I Haven’t Forgotten About It, But You Guys Have, Shame On You, For Thinking Some Of Us Fans Are Stupid And Don’t Remember It, I Do And I’m Still P O’d

      1. I agree, Adam remains the whipping boy regardless. How is it that Nate and Audra still have jobs – but Adam doesn’t. Its ridiculous. Sharon is even down on Adam when he has been a consistent friend; she has a business, which is good; but, that is no reason to snub her friend.

      2. Calm down! Boycotting a Soap Opera??!! Are you kidding??!! This show is fantasy land … why are you so upset and offended?? Oh, don’t answer … I know why …

  2. I’m so tied of the way the newmens are treating Adam. Nick and victoria are not angels although they get treated as such. Give Adam a break he deserves one and to be happy. Stop treating adam like he’s not a newmen because he is and deserves to be happy just like everyone else.

  3. I agree! I feel like Adam gets treated so bad! I know he has done some horrible things but come on! Adam saved Faiths life by giving her a kidney I feel like that should have brought them closer to him especially Nick! Don’t get me started on Victory because I’m sick of looking at her! I love Victor but honey you have to realize that Adam is more like you than the other ones so give him a break please!!!!

  4. Team Adam!
    Nick & Sally have no chemistry!
    Nikki & Victor are so mean to Adam!They only think of Nick & Victoria!
    Not watching daily anymore!
    Nate needs to be brought down a few pegs! Kyle is laughable! Audra needs a slap!!!!!

  5. Get rid of some of the characters like Kyle,Nate , Lily, and Phyllis, Y&R needs a new mean girl Audra to get a way with so many wrong doing.

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