In both their personal and professional lives, Victoria can’t ignore Nate’s recent actions. What really happened was that he had a private conversation with Victor about Audra, all without Victoria’s knowledge.

It wasn’t until he found himself in a tricky situation that he finally came clean to Victoria about what had been going on behind her back.

As a result of this situation, Victoria has a multitude of pressing questions, and Nate seems to be stumbling over his words as he tries hard to provide satisfactory answers.

The big question is whether this incident will be the breaking point that irreparably damages their relationship.

Nate may have put on a facade of confidence, especially when he skillfully dodged questions about their work. He continued to praise Victoria and emphasize how much he values their partnership. He believes that Victoria is too sharp to fall for his attempts at manipulation, so he tries to dispel that notion.

In response, Victoria pretended to be attentive, nodding at the right moments. However, what’s interesting is that Victoria might have been secretly strategizing how she could use the situation to her advantage while Nate was trying to wriggle out of the mess he created.

As Victoria uncovers the truth about Nate’s intentions, there’s a good chance that she will sever all ties with him once she concludes that he’s not worth the turmoil.

This would leave Nate searching for justifications for his actions.

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