Tucker McCall, an unpredictable and scheming individual, is known for shifting his goals and plans rapidly.

While he initially seeks to destroy Jabot and the Abbotts, his dynamics with Ashley Abbott introduce a potential twist. Ashley aims to reconcile Tucker with his son, Devon Hamilton, and potentially rekindle their past love.

As Tucker inches closer to Ashley through her efforts, a reunion might be on the horizon if Tucker abandons his plans against Jabot. However, if he redirects his focus, Adam Newman becomes a potential target for Tucker’s schemes. With the ongoing turmoil involving Victoria’s daughter, Claire, Tucker might exploit the chaos and aim for Newman Enterprises.

While he may not necessarily aim to seize control, creating disarray within the Newman family could be Tucker’s next power play. Given Tucker’s history, he could use the vulnerability of the Newmans, especially with Claire being a potential threat, to reveal secrets and manipulate the situation to his advantage.

As Tucker is always scheming, the Newman family might become his next big move if the Jabot mission fizzles out. The unfolding drama promises unpredictable twists and turns. For further updates, viewers are encouraged to subscribe and hit the bell icon.

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