Michelle Stafford, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, faces the same holiday shopping challenges as the rest of us.

With back-to-school and Halloween behind them, it seems stores have swiftly transitioned to Christmas. On a recent outing, Stafford and her son Jameson were left wondering what happened to Thanksgiving. While Phyllis may or may not be joining Sharon’s Coffee House to help feed the homeless on Thanksgiving, Stafford is certainly planning on celebrating.

She headed to HomeGoods in search of suitable decor for the occasion. However, to their dismay, they discovered they were too late, and the store was already stocked for Christmas. They were directed to the clearance table, leading Jameson to theorize that the store doesn’t do Thanksgiving.

Despite initially finding the situation unacceptable, Stafford couldn’t resist the allure of Christmas decor. She playfully picked up a cute sign, then quickly put it back, realizing she was getting “sucked into Christmas.” Eventually, they ended up loading up on Christmas items.

As they left the store with their purchases, including a red Christmas lantern, Stafford admitted she wasn’t proud of herself. She even considered spray-painting the lantern a different color. Jameson echoed her sentiments, saying he wasn’t proud either.

In the end, they reasoned that if you don’t buy Christmas items at Thanksgiving, they might not be available when you need them, as stores will have moved on to Valentine’s Day.

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