In The Young and the Restless (Y&R), Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) finds himself growing increasingly frustrated, sensing that Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) isn’t giving due weight to his apprehensions.

As avid Y&R fans are aware, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) has been displaying worrisome signs of memory lapses and confusion, prompting Adam to believe that prompt action is imperative.

Upon presenting Nick with a page filled with doodles from Victor’s desk, Adam points out that such pastime activities aren’t characteristic of Victor. This further raises red flags for Adam, solidifying his belief that Victor is grappling with serious mental strain.

Upon closer inspection, Nick discerns that Victor has ingeniously integrated his children’s names into a depiction of a serpent.

This revelation leaves Nick convinced that Victor is engaging in psychological games, and he resolves to address the matter without divulging his suspicions to Adam.

Unfortunately, Adam interprets Nick’s approach as yet another instance of being kept at arm’s length. Despite the familial discord that has often defined their relationship, Adam’s deep love for Victor compels him to intervene, particularly when it appears that no one else is prepared to step forward.

Driven by this sense of duty, Adam reaches out to a professional named Dr. Shelton (Stefan Marks) and schedules an appointment for October 27th. This meeting will afford Adam the opportunity to candidly discuss the peculiar symptoms he’s observed and seek the doctor’s expert evaluation.

In actuality, Victor isn’t undergoing any form of mental deterioration. This entire scenario is a meticulously orchestrated test designed to unveil which Newman child may potentially betray him. Victor continues to skillfully maintain this facade, even as Adam seeks Dr. Shelton’s professional guidance.

As Adam takes bold strides toward preventing a mental breakdown for Victor, fans are urged to stay tuned for updates on Victor’s reaction to this unexpected turn of events. The Young and the Restless promises more riveting developments in the days to come.

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