In The Young and the Restless, Summer Newman is facing immense pressure as sales at Marchetti are dropping, and they’re about to launch a crucial spring line. While Summer and Kyle Abbott worked well together, Jack Abbott believed it was best for Kyle to move on after their marriage fell apart.

This led to Kyle resigning, allowing Summer to take the reins at Marchetti on her own. However, it’s clear that managing it solo is taking a toll on Summer, and she’s worried about the possibility of failure.

This pressure has caused some friction with Chloe Mitchell and Chelsea Lawson, who aren’t meeting Summer’s quality expectations. Some might see this as Summer being a perfectionist, possibly trying to compensate for Kyle’s absence.

If Kyle were to make a comeback at Marchetti, it’s likely they could work together amicably, as they have in the past. Chloe and Chelsea might scheme to get Kyle back alongside Summer, knowing that Summer trusts him.

At some point, Jack might realize that this could be a potential solution to his family’s predicament. Kyle’s desire for the co-CEO position at Jabot is known, but Jack is hesitant to replace Billy Abbott without a valid reason. Considering Kyle’s prior contentment at Marchetti, Jack may consider reinstating him and having him run it with Summer.

Feeling overwhelmed, Summer might acknowledge that she needs assistance and even invite Kyle back for the sake of Marchetti. They could work together as co-CEOs, or Summer might revert to her role as Marchetti’s creative director, as she values her own opinion when it comes to fashion offerings.

This development could disrupt Audra Charles’ plans, especially since she has enlisted Kyle in her alliance with Tucker McCall. If Summer were to ask Kyle to return, it might make Audra wonder if Kyle’s lingering feelings for Summer influenced his decision.

The Young and the Restless spoilers hint at potentially surprising news regarding Kyle’s career, so viewers should stay tuned for updates on the unfolding drama.

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