There is a growing possibility that Spencer is headed for a heartbreaking revelation. While his care and obsession for Ace are evident, doubts arise about their familial connection. The show seems to entertain the idea that Ace might not be Spencer’s brother, given the extreme obsession displayed by Spencer.

The current plot revolves around Spencer’s objection to Esme finding her own place to live with Ace, as he has devoted all his time and attention to his brother.

Spencer wishes to step up as Ace’s father, emphasizing that the baby already has a father, and he doesn’t want Nicholas interfering in their lives. The potential plot twist could unfold if it turns out that Nicholas is not the father of Esme’s child.

The absence of a DNA test on Ace, despite the commonality of such tests in soap operas, raises suspicions. The show may have intentionally kept the possibility of a paternity change open, especially considering Esme did not suffer from amnesia during her pregnancy.

Esme’s current amnesia adds complexity to the situation, as she may not be able to identify the true father of Ace. It is suggested that she might have initially claimed Nicholas as the baby’s father, only to forget the truth due to her amnesia.

Spencer’s increasing obsession with Ace raises questions about their true relationship, setting the stage for a potential revelation that Ace is not a Cassadine and not related to Spencer.

The video concludes by hinting at the upcoming drama and the possibility of Spencer’s heartbreak if he discovers that Ace is not his brother. Viewers are encouraged not to miss the unfolding storyline.

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