On October 30th, Deon will head straight for Tucker to investigate everything. He expects Tucker to continue lying about the matter, but how can he believe in his father? After all, he’ll find out the truth himself, and it’ll definitely make their relationship more intense.

Meanwhile, M is on a date with N, but her phone keeps receiving texts, which also come from Tucker. Devon doesn’t want to see Nate get in trouble, and it even makes their relationship less tense. In the end, M receives support from Tucker because she wants to fire Jill from the family company. On another side, she also hopes to remove tensions from family members. She hopes Nate receives forgiveness and returns to Chancellor soon, but will her wishes come true?

Tucker also hopes that Nate can have a better life, so he agrees to support her. Maybe Tucker’s involvement is an opportunity for Deon and Nate to work together. After all, it’s clear that his son has already found out the truth.

In everyone’s eyes, M never caused trouble or harmed anyone, which earned her special respect. Even though they now know the truth, it didn’t lead to criticism. Tucker, on the other hand, is seen differently. They believe he manipulated M, and she was the one who was harmed. He doesn’t seem to care about that, just hoping to see things get better for Devon and Nate.

While Tucker may be seen as a bad guy, he remains a good father in everyone’s eyes. He hopes to make it up to Deon, whether he’s recorded or not. As for the fans, what do you think about what’s going on? Can both of them achieve what they desire? Please leave your comments below and let us know.

Adam feels like he’s caught up in something, but he still doesn’t realize everything. His bad plans aren’t over yet, and it seems to be going exactly as Victor predicted. Even Sally, the person he loves, soon realizes he had been deceived. He didn’t hesitate, and now the relationship between Nick and her has become more tense. Will Victor do everything to take control?

Stay tuned for the latest details in the drama because everything is becoming more and more intriguing than ever. Perhaps even Victor himself is surprised by Adam’s recent change, but will this transformation last forever?

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