Spoilers say that Hope will be shocked and can’t believe her ears after hearing what Finn said about Deacon and Sheila’s new wedding.

After that, Hope rushes to demand an answer from the Deacon, she couldn’t believe that her father could do a terrible thing like this.

And now, Deacon will be in big trouble, he has to find a way to explain to his daughter, but it’s hard to persuade Hope this time.

Hope will unleash her fury on her dad, and she will also warn her dad that he needs to cut Sheila loose immediately.

But now, Deacon has changed, he decided to step up for his woman, and he will never leave her, even when nobody wants him with Sheila.

So looks like Deacon will still have a wedding with Sheila, so Hope and Finn have to watch and see if it happens.

This time, Hope and Finn will become closer as they team up to find out the way to separate Sheila from Deacon’s life.

But it will also create a new connection between Hope and Finn, and we know that something is going to happen between them this time.

If Hope and Finn cross the line and land in bed, or even just share a kiss, it could make things become more complicated.

So Liam could have a chance to be with his ex-wife Steffy, and Thomas will once again be left in the dark.

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