Spoilers say that a heated argument will happen between Luna and Li Finnegan, and we could know about the secret that they’re talking about.

Li is shocked when she finds out Luna is at Forrester Creations, she will confront her niece and demand answers, but Luna will defend herself.

Of course, Li will be furious with the appearance of Luna there, and she will demand her niece to leave town immediately.

Maybe the secret that this family is keeping could blow things up and destroy everything in LA.

It could be a family issue, and it relates to one of the Forrester members or even all the Forrester family.

But this time, Luna is in love with RJ, and she won’t listen to Li or her mom Poppy, she still wants to stay.

And RJ will also try to keep Luna at Forrester Creations, even when he doesn’t know about what Luna is keeping.

Spoilers say the secret could relate to Ridge and Poppy, and maybe they had something in the past.

This time, we hope that Li Finnegan can reveal the truth, and it looks like something bad is going to happen.

Spoilers say Luna and RJ will share a kiss, and be ready for a relationship, but the secret about Luna’s family could become a huge disaster.

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