In the latest Bold and the Beautiful BNB episode on Friday, January 12th, Thomas reveals shocking details about Emma’s demise, begging hope for forgiveness.

Liam Spencer, played by Scott Clifton, warned hope Logan, portrayed by Anuka Noel, that she wasn’t safe with Thomas Forester, played by Matthew Atkinson. However, hope insisted that Thomas had nothing to do with Emma Barber’s demise.

Hope made it clear that whether she married Thomas wasn’t up to Liam, and she didn’t appreciate Xander and Aunt adaine Bradley spreading lies. Although hope claimed to know the kind of man Thomas really was, Liam cautioned her to keep her guard up, anticipating more secrets would come out at Forester Creations.

At Forester Creations, Thomas reiterated that he wasn’t responsible for Emma’s outcome. Steffy Forester, played by Jacqueline McKinnis Wood, hugged Thomas and expressed her faith in him. Meanwhile, at the hospital, John Finn finigan, portrayed by Tanner Nolin, offered positive updates on Eric Forester’s recovery, and RJ Forester, played by Joshua Hoffman, visited with Luna Nozawa and Lisa Yamada.

Hope and Thomas had a tense conversation at the cabin, where Thomas revealed that he had deleted GPS footage that would put him at the scene of the crash. He explained chasing after Emma and witnessing the crash but denied causing it intentionally. Thomas begged hope to forgive him, leaving hope horrified and the couple’s future at risk.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, January 15th, suggest that hope will be shaken up by Thomas’s shocking confession, forcing her to decide what’s next. The episode promises a tense and dramatic turn of events as hope grapples with the shocking revelations about Thomas’s involvement in Emma’s demise.

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