ABC General Hospital spoilers unveil Drew’s journey to Australia for a business venture, driven by his aspiration to accumulate wealth following his release from prison. Despite his career in Port Charles, Drew perceives Australia as a lucrative market to exploit.

However, this decision puts a strain on his relationship with Carly, who desires a peaceful life together at Kelly’s Restaurant. Drew and Carly, having spent time apart during Drew’s incarceration, face conflicts as Drew prioritizes his business pursuits in Australia.

The challenges lead to a mutual decision to break up, acknowledging the diverging paths they wish to pursue. Drew remains resolute in his choice, committing to his career, while Carly, seemingly unfazed, focuses on managing Kelly’s Restaurant.

Carly, a strong and independent woman, expresses interest in other men, including Brennan, who frequents Kelly’s. Despite Sonny’s concerns about Brennan’s intentions, Carly dismisses the warnings and grows closer to him.

Brennan, the boss of Pikeman Corporation, raises Sonny’s apprehension about potential ulterior motives. As the storyline unfolds, viewers are left wondering if Carly will come to regret her decision to ignore Sonny’s warnings and pursue a relationship with Brennan.

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