ABC General Hospital spoilers uncovered Ava’s ongoing concern regarding Austin’s death, prompting her to closely monitor the police investigation. Despite Austin’s past betrayal by cheating on her, Ava harbored no intentions of causing him harm. In fact, she was curious to discover the identity of Austin’s killer.

As the police investigation yielded no results, Ava diligently stayed informed to ensure she didn’t miss any developments. Suddenly, Ava received a shocking phone call from Austin himself, revealing that he had faked his death.

Austin explained that it was part of a plan to outsmart everyone, particularly Cyrus, who posed a significant threat. According to Austin, Cyrus planned to have someone kill him, prompting Austin to take drastic measures for his own safety. Ava, in disbelief, learned that Austin had orchestrated his disappearance to escape Cyrus’s attention.

Austin confided in Ava about Cyrus’s danger, emphasizing the need for secrecy. He reassured Ava of his well-being and mentioned his ongoing quest to stay hidden. Despite Ava’s inquiries about his whereabouts, Austin remained guarded, emphasizing the need for discretion.

While Austin promised to return, he acknowledged the challenges of trusting anyone else with his secret. Unbeknownst to Ava, Austin had a more significant plan in motion. Determined not to live in hiding indefinitely, Austin teamed up with Nicholas to eliminate Cyrus.

Both harboring a desire to end Cyrus’s threat, Austin and Nicholas planned to execute a strategic attack. With Austin’s deep understanding of Cyrus gained during his time working for him, the duo aimed to expose Cyrus’s vulnerability. The plan involved Austin resurfacing publicly in Port Charles once Cyrus was eliminated, signaling potential trouble ahead for the formidable adversary.

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