Spoilers say that Liam will be shocked when he finds out important evidence that could help him win back Steffy and destroy Finn’s marriage.

Recently, Hope and Finn have been spending more time with each other, they confide about their problems, and looks like Hope and Finn will share some close moments.

We all saw that they shared a hug, and looks like it will continue to happen, and it’s only a matter of time before someone catches them.

Liam once did that when he recorded Finn and Sheila hugging and then showed it to Steffy, and it could happen again with Finn and Hope.

This is a similar situation, but it could create a huge impact on Finn and Steffy’s marriage because now Steffy is living overseas.

She could be devastated when she knows that Finn is cheating on her with Hope, the old enemy of Steffy.

And maybe it could end her marriage with Finn completely, looks like Liam will score a big win this time.

Can you imagine what would happen if Steffy saw Hope and Finn kissing while she was living far away from her husband?

This is a terrible betrayal, and there is no way Steffy could accept that.

If Steffy knows Finn is a cheater and has feelings for Hope, that could sway her back in Liam’s direction.

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