We all know that Luna is keeping a terrible secret that could destroy everything if it comes out, and now she has to leave.

But maybe she is a little bit too late, because now Luna is in love with one of the Forrester men, RJ, and they shared a kiss recently.

This love will keep Luna in LA, even when she knows that something bad will happen to her and her family if she doesn’t leave.

Spoilers say that Luna will try to leave, but RJ won’t let her do that, he loves her so much, and he needs to know the real reason.

RJ will try to dig deep and demand Luna to tell him what’s going on, if Luna doesn’t tell the truth, RJ will find it himself.

Spoilers say that Luna and RJ will secretly meet each other even when Li and Poppy are demanding she leave LA immediately.

So their secret love affair will lead to terrible consequences, maybe it could be a shocking pregnancy.

This pregnancy will keep Luna in LA, but it means the secret in her family will soon come to light.

Looks like the Forresters will be shocked when they know about this secret, and we are waiting to know what it is.

Spoilers say that a shocking bombshell is looming, and someone will be shocked and devastated when this secret comes to light.

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