It appears that Liam has taken on a villainous role, resorting to manipulative tactics behind Sheila’s back in an attempt to win Hope back. Liam, driven by his desire to reunite with Hope and prevent her marriage to Thomas, forces his daughter Beth to fake an illness.

He convinces Beth to lie about being sick, assuring her that this is the only way to keep her mother from leaving them for another man. Liam orchestrates a scenario where Beth is taken to the hospital, pretending to suffer from leukemia.

When Hope receives the news, she is devastated, and Liam assures her that Beth can recover with a bone marrow donation. The lie deepens the bond within the family, as Hope, Liam, and Beth spend more time together during Beth’s supposed illness. Liam’s plan seems successful as Hope remains by Beth’s side, but the fear of the truth coming to light looms over him.

To maintain the facade, Liam ensures that Beth doesn’t reveal the deception to her mother. As Beth shows no symptoms of a real patient, Hope may eventually become suspicious. Meanwhile, Thomas, unaware of Liam’s scheme, anxiously awaits news from Hope, fearing she might reunite with her ex-husband.

When he visits the hospital and witnesses the seemingly happy family, Thomas is shocked and angry, realizing that Hope’s heart may still belong to Liam. The audience awaits the revelation of Liam’s plan and wonders how Hope will react when she discovers the extent of his manipulations and the risks he took with their daughter’s life in his pursuit of personal happiness.


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