On Monday, November 13, 2023, “The Young and the Restless” will feature Victoria’s infatuation with Nate, CLA’s desire for Nikki to meet her aunt, and Adam and Victor working through their issues.

Elena provides Sharon with a positive update on Chance at Crimson Lights, emphasizing that the elevation was meant to keep him safe. Nick, occupied with family matters, learns from Sharon that Summer visited the hospital, surprising him despite their growing closeness.

Sharon informs Nick about Victor’s staged delusional behavior, and Nick reveals Nate’s betrayal. Nick believes Nate wanted to remove Victor and make Victoria the leader. Sharon questions Nate’s actions, and Nick discloses Victor’s desire for him to return to Newman.

Victoria, discovering Nikki’s exhaustion, confronts her parents about keeping secrets. Victoria is enraged by Victor’s lack of confidence and Nikki’s acceptance. Nikki defends Victor’s decision, revealing Nate’s plan. Victoria refuses to discuss Nate further.

Nikki receives an emergency call, and CLA advises Victoria not to make hasty decisions. In another scene, Adam enters Victor’s office, expressing uncertainty about Victor’s intentions following Nate’s departure.

Victor admits he thought he would exploit his mental instability but is still undecided about Nick’s return to Newman.

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